This yacht has been totally renovated for those who like a truly journey experience including adventures without hassle at an attractive price.
At the same time navigating the archipelago waterways with a nearly imperceptible ecological footprint.
Our commitment extends to our facilities, ships, and operations at every step of the expedition.Our guides and crew members are well trained to provide the best service during the whole trip.
A real tourist superior experience with exclusivity and comfort in a amazing journey throughout the Galapagos Islands
This comfortable Tourist Superior Class Cruise offers 9 cabins.
4 Cabins in the upper deck, 2 Cabins in the main deck,
3 Cabins in the lower deck, queen and bunkbed options.
An outstanding experience of the fascinating
local and international food on board M/Y Bonita.
The M/Y Bonita allows you to admire the beauty of an exotic paradise in every second of the journey.



Be captivated by the unique animal life, above and below Earth’s surface, on this comprehensive 17-day tour through the Galápagos. You’ll venture to the east, central and west islands aboard the Eden, a well-equipped boat that acts as your home-away-from-home. Unique animal encounters are at every turn of your journey, from flamingos at Bachas Beach to penguins on Floreana Island and whitetip reef sharks. By the end of this adventure, you’ll have enough footage from your smartphone or camera to compile your own amateur nature documentary.


Room to Relax
The Eden boast a variety of cabin tupes to host you on your excursion through the Galápagos. Add in two top-deck lounge areas, and you´re ready to explore the islands well-rested and ready to go.

Eden at a glance
16 passengers.
3 upper deck twin-share (bunks) cabins. 1 main deck double bed cabin. 4 lower deck twin-share (lower berths) cabins.
Boat layout
Large upper deck lounge area with forward sun deck. The main deck boasts a lounge, bar, and dining room. A two-level wraparound deck helps you take advantage of the glorious views.
With eight dedicated crew members and one CEO Naturalist Guide familiar with the local flora and fauna, and certified by the Galápagos National Park Service, there’s always someone available to answer your questions.