Explore the “Enchanted Islands” on board the M/C EcoGalaxy a First Class Catamaran, built for sailing the Galapagos Islands while preserving its fragile ecosystem, and of course its beauty.
The social areas of the catamaran are the perfect place to witness the endless wonderful landscapes in a private and intimate athmosphere.
A cruise with state-of-the-art technology for ecological parameters to optimize the generation of energy, the consumption of fresh water and the reduction of carbon emissions.
Awarded in recognition of construction engineering by reducing water consumption and wood use by 50%.
Some of the catamaran characteristics that reduce the negative environmental impact of tourism includes:

  • Operates on low fuel consumption.
  • Continuous self-cleaning through purifiers that allow the fuel to be recirculated.
  • Energy-efficient LED lights are used for the illumination of the ship.
  • Uses biodegradable cleaning products.
  • Air conditioning and cooling systems that automatically adjust according to weather conditions.
  • Adjustable system pressure tank, which provides efficient saving of fresh water inside the boat.





Stunning fully equipped liveaboard yacht that offers a unique experience for diving lovers. You will have the opportunity to explore a wide variety of aquatic life of this marine reserve with our experienced staff and cutting edge equipment. Live a world-class diving experience surrounded by sharks, whales, manta rays, rays, turtles, penguins, iguanas, sea lions and much more, all in one place.
A rebuilt Atmosphere Redesigned cabins and social areas combined with privacy for those who enjoy adventure and natural harmony.
Once in a lifetime Trip Experience exceptional scuba diving like no other in the Pacific Ocean only reached on a dive liveaboard
Experience Life Underwater Eco-conscious services and sustainable offeringsBest of both Worlds As a company born and operated by Galapagueños, our commitment to conserve and have the minimum environment impact possible, becomes one of the most important fact.



Millenia of isolation from mankind has bred a fascinating diversity of plant, animal, and marine life among the Galápagos Islands. Discover these islands for yourself aboard our luxury catamaran, the Reina Silvia Voyager, equipped with amenities for a comfortable and convenient sailing tour during your eight days exploring the central and western Galápagos. Spot iguanas and flamingoes on the green and white-sand beaches of Punta Cormorant, witness abundant marine life while snorkelling in Punta Vicente Roca, and make friends with giant sea tortoises at the Charles Darwin Research Station on Santa Cruz. Exploring the Galápagos has never been so easy and inspiring.

Reina Silvia Voyager at a glance


16 passengers.


4 main deck twin cabins (twin side-by-side beds) with balcony, 1 double cabin (double bed) no balcony, 2 upper deck twin cabins (twin side-by-side beds) with balcony, 2 upper deck single cabin (single bed each) with balcony.

Boat layout

Boat layout: All cabins on the main and upper decks. Spacious indoor dining area and lounge with TV for briefings. Covered bar and seating area on the upper deck as well as a spacious sundeck with a covered area, seats, and lounge chairs, as well as a barbecue area and Jacuzzi.

Crew 1 expert CEO Naturalist Guide, 8 crew



Spend five days exploring the Galápagos Islands aboard the Yolita and enjoy the beaches, history, and wildlife of the central and southern islands. When you want to spend some time underwater, make sure to check out the Devil’s Crown in Floreana, a snorkeller’s paradise and home to some of the most impressive marine life in the Galápagos. Bird lovers will have their hands full too, with stops at some pretty notable birdwatching spots on Cerro Dragón. When you’re done connecting with the wildlife, get over to Post Office Bay to learn about its history and, of course, to drop off a postcard.

Go west, Galápagos traveller
If you’re keen to explore Isabela and Fernandina on the Galápagos’ western edge, the Yolita is your ship. Her spacious cabins give you more room to spread out and relax after heading ashore to hike or snorkel.

Yolita at a glance
16 passengers.
Eight spacious cabins with queen or twin side-by-side beds all with en suite, A/C and large windows.
Boat layout
Large aft porch with couches and lounge chairs. An elegant dining room, lounge and bar for meals and briefings. Observation deck boasts outstanding sightlines.